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Dragon Warrior VII PSX Sprite Ripping Help.
I want to rip some overworld sprites from Dragon Warrior VII on the PSX, the main sprites being "Beretta" (Chief's wife in the Deja Tribe), The Monster Priest  and Orgodemir (all three are in the attachments). Is there an easy way to do rip these sprites?

Beretta is the woman in front of the protagonists in the first picture.

The Monster Priest is the green guy in the priest's garb.

And Orgodemir, well, he's pretty obvious.

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Ultra late to this one, but if you're running no$PSX and have the screen resolution required to blow the window up, you can likely find them using the built-in VRAM Viewer. no$PSX was previously my standard emulator for ripping PlayStation stuff and gets the job done well.

[Image: RIKjdEq.png]
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