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Any other fan of Turn-based RPG?
So, I wonder, who here is a fan of turn-based RPG, like "Temple of Elemental Evil" or "Arcanum"?
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I like Mario and Luigi
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Turn-based RPGs are my favorite when it comes to RPGs. Some turn-based RPGs I like a good bit include:

Chrono Trigger
Breath of Fire II
Breath of Fire III
Romancing SaGa 3
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy VI
Super Mario RPG
Dragon Quest VIII
Evolution: The World of Sacred Device

And a good few more or so. Yeah, I like them a lot, haha.
"You know what they say... The more, the merrier!"
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Do check out the one in my signature then, if D&D is your thing!
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While I prefer action over turn-based these days, Child of Light was the one of the last turned-based I played and I really enjoyed it. Some of the my favorite turn-based games of all time include

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy IX
Dragon Quest VIII
Breath of Fire 3
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I remember that one, it was kind of famous!
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EarthBound is fantastic and is one of the best games on the SNES, and there are tons of amazing games on the SNES so it has a lot of competition for me to say that.

Humor: A+
Visuals: A+
Music: A+++

If you can't tell I think it's pretty great  Tongue
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I have a lot of turn-based RPGs, but I'm more of a fan of these:
  • Paper Mario
  • Mario & Luigi
  • Pokemon
  • Final Fantasy
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