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Diddy Kong Pilot (GBA) Ripping Help.

For some time I've wanted to try my hand at ripping all the character voices from the unreleased/prototype GBA game Diddy Kong Pilot. However, every attempt and method I've tried has resulted in failure.
  • I tried two different GBA emulators and messing with their audio channels, and I discovered the game runs all it's music, sound effects, and voices off of one singular audio channel. Apparently this is common for Rare's GBA releases.
  • A friend of mine attempted using a program to extract sounds/voices using a program, but he had no luck either.
  • The game itself has a "Sounds" menu buried within Options, but there's no way to access it as clicking it instead leads to a name entry screen due to the game being unfinished.
So I've decided to make a post here and see if anyone with experience on either GBA sound-ripping or sound extraction could help guide me in the right direction so these amazing voice clips can exist in glorious wav format.
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