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New Feature: Pending Submission List!
Hey everyone! One of the most common suggestions we get is to make it possible to see pending submissions on the site. Sometimes, the request is just made out of curiosity but most of the time, it's from a ripper who wants to make sure they're not wasting time ripping something that has already been submitted. This latter reason is more than reasonable but we still can't just show the queue to the public as doing so would defeat the purpose of having it to begin with.

As of today though, members can now see a list of just the names of pending submissions to a given game. For approved games, you can see it both in the footer info box of the game's page and on the submission form to add new content to the game. For pending games, since there is no actual game page yet, this new list is only available from the submission form. In both cases, it's hidden by default and can be toggled on and off so as not to clutter the page if there are a ton of pending submissions.

Hopefully this compromise satisfies those of you who want this feature to make sure they're only ripping new content. Honestly, I'm not sure why I didn't do this particular implementation sooner.

As a quick side note, both the site's CSS and JavaScript were updated to implement this so a hard refresh or a cache clear will likely be needed to get it to work properly. If anyone has any questions or feedback, please post them here!
Thanks much for implementing this feature, Petie. Big Grin
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