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Hello, everyone! I'm SomePineappleDewd, but you may call me in other nicknames if you'd like (e.g. Pine, Piney, SPD, Some Weirdo etc).

I'm just your average guy who happens to create art content in various forms as a hobby, primarily traditional and pixel (Currently transiting to digital at the moment). I may have a bit of an introvert personality, but I always am open to enjoying a good talk.

I've been visiting this site for some time, and I decided to join in to be part of the gaming community in some way. Even though I'm not a ripper, I make original pixel works in my spare time for the custom sprite section.

I'm a cartoon fanatic and am currently honing my art skills on various media in my pursuit of becoming an animator/cartoonist. My creativity knows no bounds when it comes to making art.

Thanks for reading my introduction, and I look forward to exploring this site!


P.S. Beware my fruity silliness.
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Hello and welcome! Glad you decided to join.  Cool
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