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Wacraft 3 Models
So im trying to make a new Digimon game on Warcraft 3 and have no idea where to download the models for it. I saw awesome models on this website but I have no idea how to convert it for W3. If any1 can help me on finding the Digimon Models or knows how to convert the models on this site to Warcraft that would be awesome Big Grin
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This is General Discussion. This is where you discuss TV shows or other goofy things.

Moved to model ripping help (even though it still seems out of place...)

Although...are you saying "I want to make a mod for Warcraft 3 with Digimon but have no idea how to convert the models to Warcraft 3"

... Big Grin ? Don't you kinda need to make sure you can do one thing before doing the other

EDIT: Oops, it goes in "Help Me!". Putting it there instead.
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