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Pokemon Stadium Project
Thanks to a tool by Ploaj, I can now rip models from the Pokemon Stadium games on N64 rigged. Here's what I have so far:

[Image: Cpeo3.png]

POKEMON LIST (in order of when I ripped them)
-Pikachu (with surfboard)

MINI-GAME MODELS (lower poly)
-Pikachu (Thundering Dynamo)
-Voltorb (Thundering Dynamo)
-Metapod (Rock Harden)
-Kakuna (Rock Harden)
-Drowzee (Snore War)
-Magikarp (Magikarp's Splash)
-Clefairy (Clefairy Says)
-Rattata (Run, Rattata, Run)
-Scyther (Clear Cut Challenge)
-Delibird (Delibird's Delivery)
-Golbat (Gutsy Golbat)
-Cleffa (Streaming Stampede)
-Fearow (possibly unused?)
-Diglett (Ekans' Hoop Hurl)
-Pichu's Power Plant scenery)
-Girafarig (Furret's Frolic)

If anyone has any particular requests, let me know.
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Another batch:
[Image: CpktC.png]

Also did some of Stadium 1's low poly Kids Club models:
[Image: CpkuZ.png]
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Thanks for your efforts.
It's a shame hardly anyone replies on this site.
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If you can also rip maps, I'd love the Stadiums and Mini-game stuff.
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Another batch:
[Image: CpHzQ.png]
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Yet another batch:
[Image: CpQQC.png]
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another batch:
[Image: Crlat.png]
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Any chance of download links?, also can you rip Hitmonchan please?
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Is there a public release for the tool you're using?
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I know this isn't the newest, but I'm wondering if it's possible to get the stadiums themselves from these games? I guess it wouldn't be too difficult to recreate myself, but it'd be pretty cool to be able to look at the originals.
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Oh wow, these are great! And you've already got Raichu! If you can find the time to do it, I'd love to see Haunter or Misdreavus.
Are these gonna be available anywhere?
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Another batch:
[Image: DYpbz.png]
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Does it work with the Japan-only game?
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(08-03-2019, 09:17 PM)TeridaxXD001 Wrote: Does it work with the Japan-only game?
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Is there any way we can help? I noticed that all of the models are in some sort of .dae format? Is there any possibility of a .obj export being added in the future?

Also when you say you exported them rigged does that mean they have all of the rotation data saved as well for whatever pose you put the model into? A 'default' pose might not necessarily mean that the rotations are set to identity in the internal model scenegraph. This would mean that anyone attempting to use the models for animating would have a serious problem. I just want to make sure you are aware of this.

Finally, is there any eta on Lapras and snorlax? If you post detailed instructions I can do them myself (possibly). I was just hoping to get a look at them.
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