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My 1st Dungeon
Been experimenting with grids and UI lately and so far calling it "My 1st Dungeon" because my ultimate goal is to make a maker with such ease of use. I've tried and kept looking at other projects like this and they are really cool, some of them have such a level of customisation its fabulous BUT the angle I really wanted to take was if it was possible to make maps and puzzles with the simplicity for casual and younger users. So you could just tap, tap, tap on your tablet and not worry about collision or scripting for example.

Obviously inspired by Zelda, but certainly when it comes to theming I am looking to design more themes and worlds outside of being a clone of a Zelda game.
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Looks neat!
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Working on general build mode stuff (Yes its basically the sims but for dungeons ?) and so trying to get different motifs out of this since I didn't want the aesthetic to just be Zelda - hence forth the game that shall not be named ? 

[Image: thing.png]
I've been inspired by the likes of Tape it Up, Leap Day, etc in terms of a bunch of characters with different designs. And this extends to in game tile sets, I like above love the creativity of the Sims, where you can basically do what you want. So I want to take it beyond that Mario maker limitation BUT with the same ease of use as Mario Maker has.
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