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Persona Q2 model dump
This game mostly uses NW4C (bcmdl, bcres, ...) stuff, but packaged in other containers.
With the help of a program I made to parse these, I batch-extracted the models and animations in DAE and SMD (animations) format and I would like to share the rips with people who are interested in either using them or uploading them to the site.
Models in source format (bcmdl) can be provided if requested, or optionally ripped with the tool yourself.

Source: Will be posted at a later date

Model dump
Ripping tool

Persona Q2 by Atlus
Modified Ohana3DS Rebirth by gdkchan
Modified ctpktool by polaris-
AtlusScriptLibrary by TGE
AtlusFileSystemLibrary by TGE
DDS3ModelLibrary by TGE

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