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Unused graphics HELP! (Avenging Spirit - Arcade)
Hi! I've been working on and on ripping the sprites for Avenging Spirit for the Arcade. I've used MAME graphic viewer to accomplish the job.
It been a long and tiresome trip, but I am close to finishing it up (Unless I rip the levels and hazards as well).
However, I've found some unused graphics that I am stumped on how to deal with them.
[Image: 0063_zpsxf0iejbr.png~original]
Sure, I've managed to deal with some of them using the game's debug mode's object viewer, but that worked on sprites of the game. What I am trying to work on is something like this:
[Image: Aoriginal_zps2rgjzkqv.png~original]
From the looks of it, I can assume that this is a set of expressions, emotes, smiles for a picture of the game's Ghost, but I haven't got any idea on how it operates because it was never featured in the game.
and this:
[Image: Boriginal_zpsxtx8wvk7.png~original]

It looks like a "prototype" of the title screen. Why exactly? Because I can see it has "TM" in it. Again, I don't know how to make head or tail of it because it wasn't used in the game.
What frustrates me about them is that the game's debug mode doesn't have a way to view this type of graphics. it has all the sprites in the game, but none of its specials like the HUD and the cutscenes, including the title screen.

Can anyone give me any advice on how to approach it? My programming skills are all rusty and I am unable to dedicate of my free time (I have a job with less free hours) to research it, not to mention the Arcade is still foreign to me to look in it deeply. Sad
I appreciate the help.
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