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[RELEASE] DragonBreeZee Beta V1
Hi all,

I am here to talk about the release of Beta V1 of my project DragonBreeZee. DOWNLOAD HERE!

DragonBreeZee is a 2D Online Roleplaying Game inspired by Dragonball (Z, Super). The graphics are a mix of the classic Breeze Revolution tileset and custom sprites and tiles.

The focus of the game is on collecting gear, exploring the world, unlocking new skills and areas, finding collectables and PVP combat.

You can find more information on the game, the features and the story, as well as a discussion board HERE!

[Image: exQkeb2.png]
[Image: xs3cX6l.png]
[Image: zSBZbK0.png]
[Image: aES4JiO.png]
[Image: LQPgOFk.png]
[Image: hv9oMRM.png]
[Image: L30CIcD.png]
[Image: zvVRA7U.png]
[Image: EggfZ27.png]


Create up to 3 characters per account!
Customize your character's outfit!
Fight during the day, and again at night!
Use different techniques to fight enemies!
Advance through mulitiple questlines!
Find hidden capsules in the world!
Spend your hard earned money in the Casino!
A powerful lighting engine!
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