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How to replace a hard-drive for the PS3
I'm thinking of replacing my ps3's hard-drive with a much better one (it's a super slim model.)

Just wondering, does anyone known what is the best
SSD drive and can a 1TB work for the super slim model?
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This seems out of place, so I've moved it to the proper forum.

As for this, you should be OK with an SSD or a 1TB HDD, whichever you choose. Honestly I don't think you'd really notice the difference with an SSD in there unless you play exclusively digital content, and even then it'd be a matter of a second or so.

HDDs nowadays all have a pretty equal failure rate, but one of my favorite brands (with a lower rate of failure) probably has to be HGST. Keep in mind you also want to check the cycle speed of an HDD if you're concerned about speeds, too (and of course, check to see that it fits in the HDD bay)
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