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Pokémon Gen I/II devamp project re-redux
Hello, everyone. It's been more than five years since Devicho lost interest in and decided to close her Pokémon G/S/C devamp project thread. So, without further ado, it has fallen upon me to open up a new spriting project, combining R/B/Y- (R/G/B/Y-) and G/S/C-style sprites of Pokémon Gen III and beyond (even the newly-revealed Mythical Pokémon Meltan and its evolved form Melmetal), as well as R/B/Y-style (R/G/B/Y) sprites of Gen II Pokémon. You can even do Pokémon Trainers as well as Regional Variant Pokémon, and the newly-revealed female starter Eevee from the upcoming Pokémon Let's Go, Eevee! game for Nintendo Switch.

Programs like MSPaint, Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint can help.

Remember, the sprites have to be 56x56 pixels, and the color palette limit is 4. The background can be either transparent or non-transparent.

Happy spriting, trainers! Wink
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Oh, brother. 125 views and not one single reply. Doesn't anyone listen to me anymore? (Face palm)

Okay, I'll be the first to submit a sprite in the project.

[Image: abhxrLm.png]

This is the Mythical Pokémon Meltan in the style of Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal. I used Inkscape for the outline and Clip Studio Paint for the coloring; I used Omanyte's shiny pallete for this.

I hope to see more sprites submitted for this project, and not just by me next time.
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Chill, first of all I can see why no one is replying. For one this is barely even as organized as Devicho's thread, and second of all no one is going to consider contributing if you're not going to put the work in yourself.

It's harsh but it's not like I'm saying this without good reason.

And as much as I would love to see this project revised, I just don't think there's really enough active members to rally an interest for this just yet. However, the one thing I can say about your sprite is that the outline feels jagged. Everything else from what I can tell is fine.
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Here are some custom ones I did a while back. Maybe they will be of use?

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As much I like the idea I think its better to have this better planned out first before you make the announcement like for example having one person post saying that they are going devamp a pokemon so there won't be 5 people posting for the same pokemon. Also don't expect alot of replies these days compare to back then since people moved on to ether social media or discord so if the project is still going to happen I would join.
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Hope to see this catch on again. I was one of the biggest contributors to the original thread, but I haven't been as active since as I maybe should've.

So here's the Hoenn starters in GSC. Backsprites are modified from Gen3 with the logic that Gen3 also reused many of the Gen2 backs, with more colors of course.
[Image: wDKSeJk.png]
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For everyone's reference to the original project if they really want to get an idea of how much was done and what other members of days old contributed:

NeSlug pretty much nails the style that OP is wishing to aim for in the vein of what Devicho originally started. (far better than what I tried doing for the project thinking back, I sucked at pixel art when this whole thing started haha) Anyways if I had more time to contribute to this and help re-organize it, I would. But right now my hands are tied to other projects for college and some other things that I've been up to as of late.
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Guess I might as well dump the stuff I tried a few years ago.

[Image: 9mQEM8s.png]
[Image: WC3LMMF.png]
[Image: YPpVqfy.png]
Not sure how useful or actually accurate to gen 2 these are. Sorry about the white background, not sure why I made them that way...
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I started doing a bunch of these for fun last year, I have a few on my work PC still, and the rest at home, I'll add the ones ive done and you guys are welcome to use any of use

[Image: DpAG3AB.gif]

[Image: QmxabXo.gif]

[Image: U2KmvXq.gif]

[Image: oXxjPUo.gif]

[Image: AoW2Cnj.gif]

[Image: qYLRHwV.gif]

[Image: 2lnA03U.gif]
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