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I heard this is where the cool kids hang out
3D Modelling 

So before I begin, I have been on hiatus from this wonderful website and in that time spent way too much time being grilled on 4chan, weirding out family members on facebook, and making people on pixiv feel awkward.

So let me be the first to say if you think this place is bad? no It's actually great compared to the rest of the internet.
Kudos for being one of the last remaining active old school style forums (that I care to be still be a part of)

When I started here on teh old vgr

I sprited like this:
[Image: monk.e.gif]<10/30/2005>
[Image: zoloahroun.gif]<5/27/2006>
[Image: info_across2.png]<7/16/2006>
[Image: cex.gif] <8/25/2006>
[Image: laidback.gif] <10/27/2006>
Finished High School as a senior class of 2010,
started college
[Image: doeeyesslowdance.png]<3/9/2012>
[Image: 153281667636256869.png]<9/22/2014>
[Image: j4ifi7w3.png]<10/17/2015>
[Image: jesusfinal.png]<1/15/2016>
[Image: imageedit_1_7197886802.png]<1/4/2018>
graduated may 2018 with my bachelors degree in art  

and here we are <10/20/18> !
Back to VGR
I'm really hoping to get back into spriting so I'll keep you all posted in this thread
[Image: Fdge8Ld.png][Image: Fdge8Ld.png]
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damn chief this is some good shit
[Image: aseprite_banner_by_dragondeplatino-d7lpfvi.png]
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Desgardes I miss you you god damn beautiful angel.

Thank you for bringing us quality on this fine day yes, I love all of this.
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