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Random Custom Models
I've always wanted to make one of these but It never really felt right but I've decided that I want to have this thread up in case I ever decide to get back into 3d modeling. If I do, I think I might try some pikmin models but this is what I have for now. Most of these are a few years old. I'm not that skilled even now so textures and modeling style will be simple and straight forward for the most part. I'll add download links for some of these later if anyone wants them.

(edit) Here is a blend file with most of the models. or you can use the .obj files if you don't have blender. WIP. Feel free to use as you please.

Paper Mario:

Admiral Bobbery

Lord Crump:

Twilight Town Villager

Ghost T.
Dull Bones

Magnus Von Grapple



Mario vs. Donkey Kong:
Mini-Peach Toy

Mini-Shy Guy Toy
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Those are quite nice looking, actually! I'd like to be able to work with those models myself, if you don't mind.
[Image: 76561197999597301.png]
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These are great! You should think about submitting!
[Image: b1.php?u=39480955]
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(10-05-2018, 10:00 AM)Ton Wrote: These are great! You should think about submitting!

I can upload a few. Maybe not all of them though. I don't want to spam the custom models section. I would like to see mario vs. donkey kong with it's own section though so I guess I can start with those.
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Honestly, submit away, these look really cool and I'm super happy to see Paper Mario characters rendered as proper models! If you're taking suggestions, I'd love to see Huff-N-Puff, The Crystal King or Dimentio done up like that!
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im trying to make a custom inkling and I kinda am having a hard time with the textures if you you could help me it be great Wink
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I'm retired but here is my best interpretation of kid yoshi:

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I went back and did the rest. Now it fits in with the other models.
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It's Pokemon season so here is a random model of Torterra I did from scratch.


And here is the one in Oras 3ds for reference.


Also a download link for anyone who wants to look at the model.

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