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3D models with animations?
Hello to all of you! I'm new here. I downloaded some models and imported them in Blender and they are awesome. But are there any animations available? I can access the armature but it doesn't seem rigged and there are no poses in the pose library or keyframes on the timeline.

I'm interested in getting some poses from the animations to 3Dprint them.

Thanks a lot.
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A lot of people prefer to animate and pose them themselves. Smile
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It's usually up to the submitter to include animations with the submission in an "Animations" or something similar. For example a large majority of the "Boku No Hero Academia : Battle for All" models include animation files in .smd format. We don't make sure people include the animations either, as it's not the main thing we focus on, as we are a models resource rather then an animations resource. So animations are only optional.
It also depends on whether or not animations can be ripped from the game in question to begin with, as most games have model exporters, but no animation exporters.
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