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Hi! I Need help with extracting Onmyoji Arena 3d files.
Hi all! I really need your help. I am very sorry if I posted in the wrong section, but I really want to learn how to do this.

I am wondering, how I can extract these 3d model files from this chinese game Onmyoji Arena 5v5 Moba game. I have tried all the things that I can do as far as my knowledge goes.
Onmyoji Arena 5v5 MOBA
[Image: xm1tdt.jpg]
Sample Model I want to extract: Yoto hime and all her other skins.
[Image: 2cqgtx1.jpg]

I already tried the Ninja ripper + Nox method, but this is the result...
[Image: t6umu8.jpg]
Please help me with these. I really need it for cosplay purposes. Thank yoou soo much in advanceee for anyone who can help me. 
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