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[PAID] I'll pay someone to upload any Mouse Villager; New Leaf or Pocket Camp
Hello, I have a large project I'm involved in which is using the Animal Crossing villager models from New Leaf and Pocket Camp. 

Some generous souls have already uploaded nearly every single villager species if you combine the models from those two games; but for some reason, a Mouse has never been uploaded.
I could really use a Mouse model, and I would be willing to pay a small amount for one in order to complete the collection.  

The character doesn't matter; I'm not using any of the basic textures or animations. All I need is the character model with the animation skeleton intact so I don't have to skin it myself. 

I'm not expecting to pay a lot, because it's only a single model, but if someone is willing to do it for a reasonable price, I'm happy to pay. I would also prefer if the model were uploaded to the main section of the site when you were done, so others could have access to it. 

I'd much prefer a Pocket Camp version, as they seem to have better skeletons/rigs in my experience, but if New Leaf is easier, that's fine too. 
Earlier AC games won't work because the proportions are different. 

If this is something you could do, please, let me know your timeline and the rate you'd like to charge, and we'll try to work it out.
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Oh woah no no no, I will gladly rip and submit the Mouse model(s) from Pocket Camp for absolutely free - no profits/charges/whatnot! For you and for everyone else!

Now I can't control what goes on the main page of the models-resource - I think it mostly depends on the timing that involves said model. But I can PM you with the link if it gets accepted to the site in case you don't catch it.

It's pretty much a mere coincidence that the Mouse is left out from the newer game rips, honestly.
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