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Hello, nice to meet you
Good evening (8 p.m.),

I'm "TotinGem", 25 years old and I tripped over this site. It's cool, and maybe it motivates me to train my own paint-and gamedev-skills. Big Grin
Right now I gather some game engines to figur out, which suits me more.
To develope my gamedev experiences, I'm creating fangames (mostly anime related). Still, there is this one game in my mind... I just haven't found the right art and style.
(I'm afraid my English is a bit rusty (haven't used it in years)).

And that would be it.

Hope, I'll find good people. Smile

PS. Since I don't have enough to say about me (being calm), I'd like to take the opportunity to ask for a little help (just if you can or want to do, I'm happy with a little greeting too Wink ). It's a "what game was/is that/this?" - thing(x2).
Game a) is very cloudy.
Playstation (pretty sure), a RPG, and I remember mostly just that one scene:
a guy, standing on a hanging bridge, falls down the waterfall, found (unconscious), dragged to a grassy, peaceful little house (alone, without village).
(I think that guy even lost his memories, and had a fight before falling down(?))
Game b).
Playstation, RPG-Adventure, about a little kingdom, rescue thing and I think I remember, that the main character resembles a little Son Goku(from Saiyuki) - just this tiara has a red stone attached. I remember that I somehow ended up in the castle, alone(I think). (could have been around 2000s)

PPS. - What anime (or fangames) do you like? Big Grin

Anyway, thank you for been here. Cute 
Wish you a nice day (or evening).
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