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Waluigi MP2 Costumes
3D Modelling 
All right, guys. After my Waluigi Mystery Land model was approved (, I've gotten mostly positive feedback. So I'm going to make the rest of the Mario Party 2 Costumes for Waluigi.

Please understand that getting each edit to look just right isn't always easy, so it could be a while before I finish another one.

This image shows my folders for each costume. I will update it as I complete them and get them approved. In short, a zip file means I'm finished, whereas an open folder means I'm still working on it.
[Image: 8hZi8Zm.png]

Current Project: Western Land
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Can't wait to see the rest!
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I was born too late to explore the Earth
I was born too soon to explore the Galaxy
I was born just in time to enjoy these masterpieces

Keep up the good work!
Current Projects:

-Half Life: Opposing Force (PC)
-Half Life: Blue Shift (PC)
-Chibi Robo: Plug Into Action! (Gamecube)
-Dead Rising (X Box 360)
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This is a beautiful and silly project and I eagerly await the final results!
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