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Contact The EFF To Create A Plan Of Action?
So, Nintendo has been getting kind of scary/shitty with how they treat fanworks, and I worry they may come for us next. So, I might as well ask, anyone else think we should contact the Electronic Freedom Foundation to see if we could get them in our corner to sue if that's the case?

Because, recent legal cases have shown that an IP holder must consider fair use before indulging in a DMCA strike, and Nintendo clearly hasn't at all, so I think somebody needs to stand up to their persecution of fanwork and archival. And I think, if that dark day comes, that somebody could be us, if we had an organization dedicated to such things like the EFF in our corner!

So, who in charge of these various sites would be the best person to go to them with that proposal, and do you think it'd be a good idea to start preparing for this now?
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I'm not going to go into any real detail here but suffice it to say that it's best to leave well enough alone here. Drawing unnecessary attention like that would be counter-productive. There was another post here before mine that was deleted and I'm not sure why as it was rather well written but basically, I'd rather not cause waves where there don't need to be any.
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I can support it. But then again, fanart from the likes of Sonichu is something that needs to be persecuted, while high quality art is proved acceptable.
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