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Ripping rigged characters?
Hi, I am new to all the ripping stuff but I was wondering if there is any script (Like a Blender Add-On) or programme that can rip a character with his rig to Blender or ready to use with Blender.
Forgot to mention that the game uses a customization sysem so you don't have the playermodel done all time, you have parts that (If using for exampl Ninja Ripper) you extract, you get an FBX of only the character mesh.
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The software you can use depends on the file format, you should look it up and find a program that can open it. Most wikis have this documented, so try those sites first. Noesis is very helpful since it can open most files, ranging from Half Life files, to Dead Rising and well, many More.
Noesis can open the rigs and it will even let you export the animations, however if your model is split into parts, it may be harder, since you would have to extract every single part manually, including its textures, and sometimes the UV's are flipped, but it can be toggled in Noesis before exporting.
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