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Retro64's unrleated models (Now with Gumball Eyes!)
New model Sukapon.
He's quite simple but I like how he came out:
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Hey just a quick update, of a Super Sonic edit from the recently uploaded Sonic MARS tech-demo.
Is this significant enough of a change from the original model for it to be uploaded? Besides having the spikier well... spikes and angrier expression there's not much left you could do for a Super Sonic edit.
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Hey everybody!
Sorry for the week long absence I had.
I'm now part of the Smash Remix team and all of my time has gone into that.
Here's some of the stuff that's I made for it:
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Wow, those are great! Nice job!
[Image: b1.php?u=39480955]
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(06-12-2019, 08:59 AM)Ton Wrote: Wow, those are great! Nice job!

Thanks! I got some more on the way so stay tuned!
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More models for Smash Remix:
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