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Offering my creative input and help to others!
Expertise: Story Ideas, Storyboarding, Writing Dialogue, Giving Constructive Feedback, Minor Sprite Work (Recoloring, Patterning, Modification, Hybrids)
Portfolio/Examples of relevant work: Complete production (Writing, Drawing, Animation, Voice Actor recruitment, Editing, etc.) of a 20-minute cartoon, did Pokémon Sprite Work 9-12 years ago and won a small contest. Always did some writing and entered contests, but never finished a big project or won a prize.
Method of contact: PM (I'm getting E-Mail notifications), Discord: Lee#0873, Skype: rollen.wir.los

Hello, my name is Lee!

Even if you stumble upon this post months or years later, you can still contact me!

Without trying to write down my entire life story, I am looking to provide some help to others. I was always fascinated by fan games, or rather creative things in general. I was active in the Pokémon scene about 12 years ago for a while, but as with so many things in my life, it kinda went nowhere. I did some Sprite Work back then. I am finally working on my writing with some private projects, but I'd love to provide some minor assistance to others as well. I'd say there are three things I'd be most willing to help out with:

1) Creative input. Whether it's about your story, Gameplay elements or design choices, I think I can provide you with some great insight and feedback. I don't desire to have a leading role in that though, so think of me as some kind of "wall" to bounce ideas off of. I guess you could call this position "Co-Producer".

2) Writing Dialogue. I like writing in general, but so far I think my expertise lies within natural or interesting dialogues. Which is why I prefer Scriptwriting instead of actual stories / fanfictions etc. 

3) Minor Sprite Work. I don't have any examples saved, but if you are looking to fill up an entire Pokédex of custom creatures, or need some small enemies for a Jump'n'Run, or a bunch of different NPCs for a JRPG... I might be able to help out with a handful of "minor" ones. Recoloring, Patterning, slight modifications etc. are no problem at all, but I am willing to take on harder things, too. 

If I feel like I'm not up for a task you need help with, I will let you know as soon as possible and not lead you on with excuses! I am doing this for fun, but I also realize that people might depend on me or take it a lot more seriously. So don't be afraid to contact me and see where things go from there!

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Hey Lee! I tried sending you a DM on Discord, but it didn't work, so I tried sending a friend request. Thanks!
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The rules state a lot that requesting and that sort of stuff is very forbidden, so I´m not sure if I can see what you think about some of the sprites I made for a game I´m making.
However, I think I can ask this:
What is the best program for PC to easily change all the colors in a picture to another one? MS Paint doesn´t seem to support that.
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