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Splatoon 2 Ripping Guide (And possibly other Switch games)
I haven't seen any posts about Splatoon2 ripping specifically, so I figured I'd share what programs I used that seem to work.
(You need to install Python for some of these programs to work)

Obtaining .szs files:

If you have access to the .XCI rom file (I can't get this for you, you'll have to search the internet):

Using Hactool GUI MaxConsole-SkullCrossbones-Package (keys included):
-Choose "Extract XCI", Open the .xci and extract it into a folder
-Choose "Extract NCA"
-Go to that folder you extracted to, then to "secure"
-Open "aea492320456425eb7d19940d2849036.nca" (largest file size in the folder)
-All the models should be in the "Model" folder in .szs format

If you only have access to the .Istorage romfs file:

-Hactool GUI: "Extract RomFS" => Open game.istorage => Name the output folder => Batch exports .szs files
-RomFS Explorer by Ac_K: game.istorage => Right Click: Extract => Exports individual .szs files

Extracting the .bfres file from the .szs/.sarc file:
-SarcExtract MasterVermilli0n/AboodXD: .szs => .bfres
-Libyaz0 by MasterVermilli0n/AboodXD: .szs => .sarc
-Sarc Extractor by RandomTalkingBush: .sarc => .bfres

Importing the .bfres into 3DS Max to export it to any file:
-Bfres Importer MaxScript by RandomTalkingBush: .bfres => 3DSMax => .dae/.obj/etc.

Extracting the embeded texture .bntx file from .bfres:
-Embedd_Extract by AboodXD: .bfres => .bntx

Extracting the .dds from .bntx:
-Bntxx by Gdkchan: .bntx => .dds
-Bntx Extractor by AboodXD: .bntx = .dds
-Bntx Editor by AboodXDL .bntx = .dds

Converting the .dds to .png:
-Paint.NET/any graphics program that supports the file format: .dds => .png

-HactoolGUI w/ titlekeys:


-Bfres MaxScript:!3l5jEKZC!VYUwVpNp6aB8e...dYtQyKFHRI
-A bunch of useful programs/scripts by RTB:

-RomFS Explorer:!CZlkkDwA!OUH1D0K8DrfRe...eqMWUY9WBI

AboodXD (+Master Vermilli0n?):
-Embedd Extractor:
-BNTX Extract:
-BNTX Editor:
-AboodXD's Github:

Edit: Here's the model files in .szs format:
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