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Ripping Sounds From The Evil Within 2 on Steam
So I've decided that I want to rip some audio from "The Evil Within 2" on PC. I've looked up some how to rip sfx from Steam games and have heard about such extensions as ".pck" and ".bnk" but have found neither type in the folder from the game. The types of files I have found include .ptr, .cat, [.cab](and the files with this extension did have "Audio" in the name but were from such dates far before the game was created as August 2008 and November 2007), .pages, .inf.pkr  and .bk2. I have 2 questions regarding this subject.
1. Could any of the file extensions above that I have named be the files with sound effects?
2. Should I even look in the folder for sound effects or should I just go for a software that can disable sound layers in the game then record them(and if that's the way to go, what would be a good software for this)?

Thank you for helping me with this in advance.
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