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Help with this odd video format.
I figure this is a good place to put this however if it's not then my apologies.  

I've been looking at the insides of Kirby Super Star Ultra a lot and one thing that I've never been able to figure out is what format the movies are...I know I could just play them in the movie select or whatever but I kind of just want to see it for myself, you know?

All I know about these files is that the header is VXDS, the file extension is .vx (obviously), they're in the "movie" folder, and they probably have no audio in them as the SDAT file takes care of that.

I don't think they would have made an entirely new video codec just for one game so idk what format it is. < here's a sample file.

EDIT: found an article on it:

still found no way to play it, though
[Image: jcKgJbX.png]
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