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Need files from a jailbroken iOS (iPhone) 11 user
I'm in the process of ripping iOS's activity achievement badge models (these things), but for some of the special badges, I need help from someone who has:
  • a jailbroken iOS 11 iPhone (it has to be an iPhone)
  • SSH access to run commands and transfer files off the device
  • unlocked a few, if not all special Activity challenges (like the ones for Mother's Day, Earth Day 2018, Veterans Day and so on, there's also a non-exhaustive list at the end of this post)

Please run this command on your iPhone via SSH:
find / -type f -iname "*"

You'll probably get a huge list of file paths that look somewhat like this:

Please go up two levels from every file and zip that directory (so here you'd end up with, then upload all resulting ZIP files.
I'd extract the files from iOS update files (IPSWs), but those only contain the standard set of badges. The special badges seem to be downloaded on the fly, but I can't figure out from where exactly, so getting them from someone who has already unlocked them seems to be the easiest solution.

Here's that non-exhaustive list of special badges:
[Image: how_to_get_every_apple_watch_activity_ba...th_675.jpg][Image: mothers-day-activity-challenge-800x804.jpg][Image: A7h1H.png]
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