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How do you open .ZRC files?
Hi! I'm currently trying to rip models and sprites from Kid Icarus: Uprising, since the model ripping community for that game has died..

Most of the files are .ZRC files and I've been trying to search for a safe way to open them! Like the stages, player models, AR card models, etc etc.

Help would be very much appreciated! Thank you in response!
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I know this post is, well, a good year old, but in case you haven't already figured it out:

Open up EveryFileExplorer
-> Tools
-> Compression
-> Common Compressors Plugin
-> LZ11
-> Decompress
Now you find the file you want to decompress
Save the decompressed file
To open it in EveryFileExplorer you gotta drag it into the program from the folder you saved it in.

Hoped this helped!
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