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Help Opening/Converting weird file type!
I have been using Harvest Moon:A Wonderful Life as practice for when I go to rip from Tales of Symphonia.

For ToS, I want to rip the scenery and infrastructure as well as sound effects. The most I can find on VGRsound is the voice acting files which I don't need.

While attempting to rip the SFX from HM:AWL I did find the some were in .adp which I was able to play in Foobar. But they were only songs that would played in the background (I already have the OST anyway.)

The file types I'm having trouble opening are .idsp and .arc

I downloaded freearc and a bunch of other programs and plug-ins, but nothing will open these. I am thoroughly convinced that the other sound files are in some of these weird achieve-type files.
But I wouldn't be surprised if I were wrong.

I get constant error messages from all the programs saying "It's not an archive file or it's corrupt". I've extracted the files using the Dolphin emulator.
I'm at a loss now. I'd really appreciate any help or trouble-shooting.
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Try VGSC. Can never guarantee anything by it's always worth a shot.
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(05-31-2018, 02:41 AM)puggsoy Wrote: Try VGSC. Can never guarantee anything by it's always worth a shot.

Thank you! I'll give it a look and a try!
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