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Trying to import a save file from mobile ds emulator, .dsv file wont load on desmume
So im trying to load my heartcatch precure save to get some sprite rips from the game on desmume but i can't get the save to import without it immediatly overwriting it with a new save that doesnt have my data on it, and if i try to overwrite that one im forced to completely reboot the game and let it overwrite because it gives me a data not found error, ive gotten this to work before but i can't remembr how. i really do not want to replay the entire game up to where my save is. which is past the end game. does anyone know what i should do to make it not overwrite the save i paste into the battery folder with the other saves? The mobile emulator i got the save from is Drastic. i dont know what version exactly. I also wasnt sure exactly where to post this since its not directly related to sprite issues, its mainly about trying to import the save and why it won't work but if it's still not the right place to put this, i can move it to the proper fourm section.      The Text  translates to along the lines of, "the save data cannot be found, please turn of the system and reinsert the ds cartridge."
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