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Games where the presentation was the highlight...
What are some games where the presentation was the highlight for you?

I remember in the early to mid 2000s I started playing Adventure Quest, and I was super impressed with the presentation, but not so much the gameplay and story. Don't get me wrong, I liked the gameplay and the story was good, but this was a time when my experience with PC games were educational games, free games in cereal and kids meals, PODs, and a few flash games. I didn't think that my PC  (a Windows 98 SE computer) was capable of such good presentation while having good gameplay and story. I know that sounds silly, but for years most of the good video games I played was on consoles and handhelds, I didn't get to experience the good MS-DOS and Windows games until later. I mean, I did, but they were limited to point and click adventure games, a sports game, a racing game, Runescape, and what ever games I could get on flash sites and Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Fox Kids, Fox Family, and the Digimon Movie websites. Adventure Quest, looked different. Runescape was technically more advanced, but it looked pretty s#!@&y. Also, the flash games I played were usually less than great, with the exception of the ones on the websites for the TV networks. Also, at the time, Runescape ran pretty slow on my DOS based Windows PC with Dial up, so Adventure Quest ran better, and in my opinion looked better.
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Dragon's Crown did it for me. Typical vector graphics with plenty of detail, as you expect from Vanillaware. I wouldn't say it's my favorite beat-em-up though - the RPG elements are waaaay too complex and even when you are well balanced with your team, it's still difficult to get through a quest without losing a ton of lives.

Or the other theory could apply. The theory that I'm awful at video games. Smile
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