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SupaBoy (A handheld Super Nintendo Entertainment System)
 the SupaBoy is a 3rd party model of the very successful and famous Super Nintendo Entertainment System made by Hyperkin (I don't know what year to be honest). And what this 3rd party SNES system does is allow you to play your favorite SNES game while on the go. 

BUT that's not all, the Hyperkin SupaBoy even plays
  • NTSC Cartridges
  • PAL Cartridges
  • And even those Japanese Super Famicom games  Big Grin
This system is truly one of my favorite handheld systems! Even though this 3rd party system isn't everyone's cup of tea, I still love it!!! Because I'm a fan of handhelds since the Game Boy!  Cool & Frosty!

Here's a image of what it looks like. 

[Image: S0DkO5T.jpg]
 P.S. Hyperkin has released a better model of the SupaBoy called: "SupaBoy S", and as far as I heard, it has a screen that's a little bigger and a better D-pad.  Wink
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