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[Question] Site Guidelines and Modular Characters
So, as you know, Sonic Forces has the 'Avatar' character, which is a customisable character that the player can create.

I've figured out the skeletal structure of the models and everything, but I'm not sure how to package it.
Is there a particular way things have to be done as unlike traditional models, it's not one set of texture, one set of mesh; it's one skeleton, many meshes, many textures, multiple combinations for each body part.
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Basically, you'd submit the base meshes as one submission (especially since they share textures, if I'm not mistaken), and then the individual costume parts would be separate submissions (feel free to group matching sets, though, e.g. NiGHTS, Shadow, AiAi, etc.). As long as the bones are in the right place, people can re-link the extra costume parts to match the base model's bone structure. For examples, you can see how we've got things set up for Breath of the Wild and Splatoon.
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