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Is VGR the only character model website?
I ask because i've tried to google similar similar sites and get nothing also i've used brawlvault extensively for skins n whatnot on project m and can't rly tell if they post models or the models, textures etc. are all just in packages for specific characters. While i love that sites like this are happening im having a real hard time finding any others because while this site is pretty extensive most games won't have all the character models or the ones im looking for haven't been added yet. Also im super addicted to adding skins whether its project m or VR Chat so if anyone could help me out it'd be appreciated.
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As in raw models? I'd say no.

But I know a couple websites do allow model file hosting.

* Sketchfab (user input is required to enable downloads, and reposting of commercial assets is against their TOS)

* Steam workshop (The Garry's Mod, and Source Filmmaker communities are pretty much just for hosting models)

* And generally, art posting websites tend to have some model downloads. But you usually won't find things you need.
I like to make models in my free time. I also make weird games, too.
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cool, so i gave sketchfab, steam wrokshop, and even turbosquid a try, first sketchfab has a huge amount of models but im not rly looking for artistic ones i mean custom characters can be cool but im just looking for like anime and video game character models in t-pose for vrchat avatars. Also steam workshop seemed to only have avatar heads for like rpgs's etc, and turbosquid had some good models but you have to buy them apparently. So i guess the search continues lol.
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