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started making some rpg sprites on a whim

[Image: 15e665457c840e7f2bda5ce5aa8d8fd187328676.png]

diff color tests

[Image: 90afebeadf5afdf9a228171f83793027d5921dda.png]

[Image: 95b18d4be59d784c3cb0d1c69477b488f3dcf8a9.png]

[Image: f0d37a1f8eabac12dceb16925e762bcefde9dadd.png]
[Image: cKfiI0F.png]
Thinking of you, 
wherever you are.
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Neat. Reminds me of Star Tropics a little. The arms do look a bit strange imo, but otherwise good.
Check out my progress with my custom game engine:
Or listen to my music here:

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Well, it's better than I could ever do.
Love the look of the helmet, is he gonna take Jerusalem? LOL
But I do have a piece of criticism for you, in the form of the rather awkward (in my personal opinion) slight-joining of the legs. I like everything else, though.
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