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How to extract from extension less files?
Hi I have been looking at a few games recently to put up the models on here but on a number of occasions I've run into an extension less file type and i was just wondering if there is any way to extract the contents from these files.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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Download a hex editor like HxD and open your file up in the hex editor. Copy The first line on the top right, usually most formats are referred to by their top right line. Search it up on the internet and you may find some results. Or you could use QuickBMS a program designed to decode unknown formats. There is a tutorial on how to use it here it was a little confusing for me but there are plenty of other tutorials for using QuickBMS. It can be downloaded here Or you can use TrID download here, What operating system does your computer run on and do you know what type the file could be? Where did you get it? Sorry if the QuickBMS link didn't work just paste it into your browser. If this works for you remember to click the "thank" button ok.
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