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Ripping Tools for RPG Maker MV, XP, VX & VX Ace / Clickteam Fusion / Ren'Py / etc
Don't mind me, just dumping my tool collection in a thread:!FJpwTbwC!Vtxgg13BSYSqz...VerJPX0ZjA
(new: added v.1.4)

What it contains:
Quote:Berti's Stash O' Tools v.1.4

- All decrypter: Decompiles game data from RPG Maker XP, VX & VX Ace. Not MV.
- RPG Maker MV Decrypter: Decompiles game data from RPG Maker MV.
- FreddyExplorer: Decompiles game data from Clickteam Fusion. Made for FNAF, but works for some other games too.
- RPA Extractor for Windows: Decompiles game data from Ren'Py. Detailed tutorial in the folder.
- Resource Hacker: Useful to rip/change icons from .exe files.
- ALDEXplorer: Decompiles game data from games made by AliceSoft (file extensions: ALD, ALK, AFA, DAT)
- Unity Studio: Decompiles game data from Unity. Detailed tutorial in the folder.
- EnigmaVBUnpacker: Decompiles game data encrypted with Enigma Virtual Box v4.10..7.40 (game files are in a single .exe)

- eXtraButtons: Useful when you need one or more windows always on top.
- Sizer: Shrinks/Enlarges window size to a certain self-defined size.
- SheetMaker: Creates sheets in a record time, tutorial is found in the folder.

The rest of the tools works for PC games in general, the results vary.

The majority of them works as a regular tool when you click the .exe file:
- ExtractData
- MultiExtractor
- resourcesextract
- X-Ripper

For others, you drag the encrypted files on the .exe file:
- bitmaprip
- find_anime
- arc_unpacker (Additional tutorial in the folder).

Other good tools which are not in this pack are Dragon UnPACKer 5 and MultiExtractor 4.7.3.
The latter one needs a license if you want to use the very powerful "zlib stream unpack" function,
which helps very much if every other tool fails.
No installations neccessary.
[Image: dariC.png][Image: tumblr_mlf109xOe81rmu6i5o1_250.gif][Image: b0KxM.gif]
Berti's Stash O' Tools 1.1
- added a tool to decrypt RPG Maker MV games
- removed some useless junk data from the MultiExtractor demo
- reworked the folder names to make them appear more uniform
- if known, version numbers are now added to the folder names
[Image: dariC.png][Image: tumblr_mlf109xOe81rmu6i5o1_250.gif][Image: b0KxM.gif]
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Berti's Stash O' Tools 1.2
- added arc_unpacker to decrypt a whole lot of different games, mainly visual novels. Tutorial & supported game list are enclosed. You can find the list also here:
[Image: dariC.png][Image: tumblr_mlf109xOe81rmu6i5o1_250.gif][Image: b0KxM.gif]
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Berti's Stash O' Tools 1.3
- added ALDExplorer, a tool which specifies in decompressing ALD, ALK, AFA & DAT files from AliceSoft games. Maybe not only AliceSoft, personally I've used it only on one game so far (Rance VI - The Collapse of Zeth).
[Image: dariC.png][Image: tumblr_mlf109xOe81rmu6i5o1_250.gif][Image: b0KxM.gif]
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Berti's Stash O' Tools 1.4
- added Unity Studio to decompress games made in the Unity Engine. Tutorial by Hallow is enclosed.
- added EnigmaVBUnpacker, a tool which decompresses games encrypted with Enigma Virtual Box v4.10..7.40. Example: Game with all its data in a single .exe file.
[Image: dariC.png][Image: tumblr_mlf109xOe81rmu6i5o1_250.gif][Image: b0KxM.gif]
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Awesome, I'm really happy to discover a Precure fan who supports decompiling games!

I've used a lot of these tools before but the one I was looking for when I found this thread was FreddyExplorer. Thing is though I'm not interested in FNAF, just wanting a way to decompile clickteam games in general because there's nothing else out their for them seemingly. Problem is though most games I've tried it on it doesn't work... only game I tried that it worked on was one of my own, and it only exported successfully the sounds and not the graphics (and it gave me an error for both things even though the sounds exported despite the error). Is there anyway you could help me get this decompiler working/fixed? All the games I tried I'm certain are made in MMF 2.0 or older (some in MMF 1.x even), not CF2.5.
attached is the error I get, on pretty much every single game.
edit: it worked fully on one of my other games which I made in CF2.5. Seems the issue is it doesn't work on the older games (but also not on the newer builds of CF2.5, from what I read). I guess there's nothing to do though other than hope the person who made the decompiler adds support for it.
edit 2: Seems the textures for my CF2.5 game also didn't export, even though I got no errors and it acted like it was successful. Sad
edit 3: sounds for CF2.5 game didn't either.
edit 4: got the decompiler to work for both textures and sounds on this weird donald trump game:
not sure what version of clickteam program it's made with, but I checked the exported files to verify that it worked this time. Smile

[Image: sourcecodemana2.png]
Also I have a few more tools here that you should add.... mainly the Game Maker ones (for 7,8, plus QuickBMS and the GMStudio script)

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I would like to throw in GARbro, which I've used to extract content from an early CrossCode demo (the entire content was stored within an .EXE). It's also quite easy to use:
Quote:In short, GARbro is a well-designed application that caters to users who need to manage visual novel game resources, extract files from uncommon archive formats and perform conversions.

There is also a new version of Enigma VB Unpacker (0.57):
The site also contains some tools for Molebox decryption. Both did not work with CrossCode, but they're probably useful for other games.

Edit: For SNES rippers:

TerraCraft (1.2 Beta) by Crediar, an editor & ripping tool for Terranigma:

Somedit (Build 0213) by Mop / Moppy, an editor & ripping tool for Secret of Mana:

GaiaTheCreator v.0.5.8 by manafreak, an editor & ripping tool for Illusion of Time / Gaia

Lufia 2 Compendium Editor by Zuqkeo, which isn't released yet.
Ripping Tutorial for PC Engine / TurboGrafx 16 / TurboGrafx CD
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big thanks for the mega link, unfortunately none of the tools provided here or on other sites helped me
the game I'm trying to rip is quite old build with clickteam fusion single exe file probably nw.js
I tried unpacking methods and memory dump method and nothing worked so far
the extra_data file can't be opened as archive
hyperripper can't detect files after scanning
maybe something wrong with my assessment so I'd like to ask for advice on this
feel free to dm me Anirigs on reddit
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This is about RPG Maker MV Decrypter, I have Java installed. But I keep getting errors. Is there anything I'm missing?

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Try the latest v.2.20
Ripping Tutorial for PC Engine / TurboGrafx 16 / TurboGrafx CD
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How do you work around a file that has it's encryption altered?
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