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Gamecube Soundfonts
Hey guys, I'm new to this site and forum, though not new to the wonderful things that are video game soundfonts, as of recently on a few sites, I have left PMs, and posts a few times concerning both an updated version of the Mario and Luigi superstar saga Soundfont, and a possible Dragon Ball Z Budokai Soundfont (PS2/Gamecube) can anyone help me with either of these? I know superstar saga does not use the sappy engine, which means I can't rip them using GBAripper, though someone else managed to but I can't get ahold of them.  and of Dragon Ball Z Budokai, I was told it has an .adx or .ads   ad-something, I can't really remember, though my main concern with this is making samples from the game and putting them into a soundfont.
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Someone (I forget who) made a real deal SuperStar Saga soundfont not using GBA Mus Riper (that program only exports the audio from the Mario Bros arcade minigame) The instruments don't seem to be ordered right, but they seem to have most of them there. I'll probably reorder them with Polyphone to work right sooner or later.

I have the soundfont on my PC, but I might just PM it to you in case linking it here in public is a rule violation.

Most Gamecube games don't really use soundfonts (the only one I know of is Mario Sunshine, as I've used it). Infact, they're mostly streamed audio.

Though, this does sound a tad requesty.
I like to make models in my free time. I also make weird games, too.
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Can you link it to me via Gmail? My gmail is

or PM XD your call I was in such a hurry to type that lol
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