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Hiring for a sound file ripping commission
I'm new to the forums but I'v been using The VG Resource for years now and appreciate what the community provides.

I'm looking to have some sound files ripped directly from a PS3 and/or Wii game. I'm hoping that they can be converted into a format I can playback and edit easily.

I'm willing to compensate someone for their time though I do ask that they be discrete as this is for a project I'm not ready to be public about yet.

Please feel free to message me for details. Pay is negotiable.

(Also, if this sort of thing is not okay to post here I really do apologize and will understand if it needs to be taken down)
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You're good if you're offering payment for the work but it belongs in the Commissions section (which I moved it to).
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Thank you. And thank you for understanding that I'm unfamiliar with these forums.
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