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Battle Arena All-Stars (a SSB fan clone)
This game is NOT made by me. BUT I am helping a friend on Smashboards by giving him ideas. I am the announcer of the game, BTW (my username there is Russell_SSB.) I will update this forum whenever this game get an update. Also, please feel free to give support to the game, or message my buddy on the link if you have Smashboards and give him a hand if you would like to help out on the game by telling him what you can do: 

Thanks! Please enjoy this post! Wink


Hello guys , I want to present a little fan game which I'm working using the Smash Bros gameplay as a reference (Super Smash Bros saga, Digimon Rumble Arena, etc.).
The project is being developed in Unity engine and 3DS Max for the characters, animations, stages, etc. I can say that the provisional name (or final, I don't know) is "Battle Arena All-Stars".

[Image: rayman_vs_spyro_by_dracopower-d959sbt.jpg]

I have to say that is not a project to win money, only to do in the free times because we love the Smash Bros style [Image: laugh.gif] (like Super Smash Flash, for example).

The team:

Quote:- Developer: Draco74
- Voice Actor: Russell_SSB

Demo (Current version:

- The control can be changed. Just press on the icon AFTER select your character, and you will be able to play using the available controls you have.
- All the control buttons has been added to the demo as a Control Map. You can find it inside the .zip file.
- The demo generates a savedata file. so you can save your time records and try to be better in another moment!


Thank you and regards
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looking good
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(10-28-2017, 11:26 PM)Videogamemasterx Wrote: looking good

Please try to refrain from incredibly short posts like this. If anything, provide a little more elaboration - "Wow, Sora looks great", "The gameplay is smooth", "Maybe you should add ____" etc. "Looking good" doesn't really help the developer any. Blank

That said, I'm actually impressed as this looks like a coherent Smash clone - and while yeah it's currently a bit rough around the edges, it's...actually 3D. dang.

My only gripe here is that this game, while it's a Smash clone, doesn't look Part of what makes Smash what it is is the fast-paced gameplay, and this seems...really slow. Characters have long startups for basic attacks, and seem like they take ages to land after a jump.  

Suggest to the developer that he speed the gameplay up about 10~20% if possible. You'll notice that things are a lot more intense as everything's flying about much more quickly, and maybe overall.  Thinking
[Image: 57d2BGH.png]
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! refs
shoutouts to cutesu for the new av!
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This is looking really nice! I 'm also working on a SSB clone(Just recently started), and i've gotta say, this looks like it'll turn out great. I wanted to ask, are you only using ripped models, or are you also using custom / edited?
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The shaders are very well done, good work !
Especially character ones.
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