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Hello from Brazil
Hello Everyone,

Today I was looking for some old Mega Drive (Genesis) game Asset and I found this incredible site.
I just had to register here and say hello Smile

By the way, how can I send a private message for someone?
I like the images this guy uploaded: 
But I couldn't find the send message button.

Thanks in advance for any help on my first day here
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Welcome Smile

You can only send private messages to peoples' accounts on the forum. Submitter pages aren't linked to forum accounts, in fact they're only identified by names (not actual accounts), and these can sometimes differ from forum account names (especially if the user has changed their username). Luckily Heartlessdragoon still has the same name, so I managed to find their account using the search feature in Member List. It says they haven't visited for almost a year, but you can still try private messaging them.
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