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Arx Fatalis HD with his Friend Skyrim
Hello, one of my favourite game is arx fatalis, a first person RPG skyrim-like but in the underground.
But beside the fact that is one of the best rpgs ever made, this one have actually 2 BIG problems:
- Old wooden 3D graphics (really low poly)
- Small World Map (and relatively short story)
So, is wish of mine fix these problems from years ago,
but i see no one take care of this great game to fix it.

Now, my ideas are relatively two:
1) Estract Arx 3D models, starting from the characters/enemies, edit it, smoothing his shapes and then re-put it in the game.
2) Convert Arx Fatalis in to a skyrim mod, using his textures on skyrim modified models, placing his dungeons somewere in the map, like was a dlc.
(Converting his spells sistem in just a ordinary new skyrim spell)

So, for the first, i need to know what programs i need to do this work, i never re-put models in the games, i don't know how it works...
For the second one, i never do a skyrim mod, but i know that a lot of people do it, so i can help by adapting the textures to the models, estracting the dialogues, and the editing of the models.

For the second thing, i think at a story start where the main character falls in to a crack on the ground after a earthquake and lost his memory (and powers), then return to his life after beating the final boss and exit from the underground world, also freeing the people under there.

Who wish/can help me to make at least one of the project become reality?

(I hope this was the just section of the forum for these things)
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Still open project
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