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Ripping Valkyria Chronicles Audio (.csd files)
Hello everyone.

So after playing this game, I thought I would give it a hand on extracting the audio. Based from what I know, you have to use CSound to open these types of files. I wanted to extract them and hopefully convert it to either .wav/.mp3.

Thing is though I opened them with that program and the files are completely encrypted. I would like some help with that part, as the encryption seems to be the roadblock as of now. Or if there's another way to handle these files, if possible.

Included in this post are a couple .csd files from the game (the PC version). If you wanna give it a shot, by all means go for it. Haven't tried the PS3/PS4 version yet though, but I also get the feeling the audio is also encrypted too. Will test it out anyway.

Thanks everyone!

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bumping for interest

These cats over here managed to make some progress, but it seems the topic died before any results came out of it.
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this guy on another forum already worked on it.
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