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Luigi's Mansion 2/Dark Moon is haunted
I only wanted to make a silly thing where I replace the soundtrack of Dark Moon with the first game's. And then I discovered something. Luigi's Mansion 2 is odd.
It uses wwiseaudio for a 3DS game. But not just any wwaudio, wwaudio that doesn't seem to work with Unpacker. Unpacker converts the audio into a lot of wav files and then once it tries converting it into an OGG or MP3 file, it says "Parse error: unknown chunk type" and deletes the wav files.
Luigi's Mansion 2 also mostly uses data/dict files in the art folder to probably decrypt models and other assets. And it's not just for a couple of them. Nearly all of them use the data/dict format: effects, fe, feghosts, levels, streetpass, tweaker (apparently language texts) and some data/dict that just is lying around in the art folder and isn't in a specific folder.
According to this thread from 2015, the model files are zlib compressed but decompressing them leads to no use since it will only lead to a 00000000.dat file.
And then it uses config files for a folder named gameplayconfigfiles. It seems like it's used for enemies (all the files are named after ghosts)?
Then it has a seperate folder where they have ini files which are pretty much useless here and only tells you the build date (Feb 14 2013 - 13:05) and other (for the game itself) unimportant stuff.
And then it has a materials folder which is about 0,11 mb large with, again, a data file and dict file.
To top it all of, the credits are in .txt format. It's readable and you can probably edit it and change the credits. That, or it's a leftover.

I know Super_Sp0nge and Random Talking Bush briefly mentioned that Luigi's Mansion 2 is unrippable but they didn't explain why. Basically, nearly nothing is apparently decryptable and what is readable isn't very useful for anything here. 
So that's probably why no one has ripped Luigi's Mansion 2 yet, even though it's a pretty great game.
It would be nice if people would find a way to decrypt anything useful though... or does someone already know? Bam bam baaaaaa~
A person named "CM30" knows of a way to decrypt the audio at least but I can't find anything about that "CM30" online and he doesn't explain how he ripped the audio in the talk page. 
And also, Skawo knows how to get text for cutscene data probably, since he can edit the cutscene script a bit. If he knows how to replace text, he might know how to decrypt and encrypt that text too.
I left a simple comment on each of one of their YouTube videos to just ask them but not so much bother them. I'm afraid I might be too annoying.

So, yeah, that's it, I believe. I simply made this thread to ask for help on LM2 ripping (and to also make the silly music replacement stuff).
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how did u decompress it?
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Bump, this game needs more attention.
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