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Sound Segment Help
So I was ripping sounds from Super Scribblenauts on the Nintendo DS and they were .swav format, I was thinking about ripping the soundtrack so I looked for the music folders. Then I found the sound file category, I converted the sound files from one of the sound track folders and it seemed quite odd because there were multiple sound files in each soundtrack folder and about 50 soundtrack folders. I converted the sounds and each one was about 0.8 seconds long! I realized the sound files in each folder were sorted by numbers and letters by a to z and 1 to 9 and each one must've been a segment of soundtrack or sound effect. So I looked for any way to put together all of the segments and found 3 other folders in the audio folder. Bank, Seq, And SeqArc the one I was currently in was WaveArc. So I thought the segements were put together by a text file. The file formats were none I knew about .sbnk, .ssar, .sseq, and .swar. I could only open sseq and it was a text file with a chart of numbers for sorting each full sound and it was confusing because each music and sound file had it's own folder and each sound file in that folder was numbered and lettered but the ones on the chart were just numbered in rows going down with the file name on the side and each row of numbers going down had a sort text above it like "File ID. each folder with the other file types were named after a specific sound and in the .sseq file at the end of the rows of numbers was an .sbnk file with the sound info. Are the files devided up into little segments in other DS games? please help!
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