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using spritesheets
Hi, I'm new on this subject.
To use spritesheet in a project should I separate all sprites?
To make a correct animation all sprites should have the same dimension(?) but spritesheets frames has different dimension...
There is no xml telling how sprites are positioned and dimensioned.
When you use sprites what is your workflow?
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Manually arranging them into a usable format by hand is usually the way. It's annoying, especially when you don't have animations with consistent bounding box dimensions, but the site is more centred around making the sheets nice to view, rather than easy to use. Not to mention, for hard ripped sprites (which is a large portion of the site, if not the majority) doing this is more effort than it's worth for the ripper.

So yeah, sorry :\
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Sprites ~ Sounds
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Most game naming programs use 'hotspots' that are used as a focus point per frame of animation.
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Ok thanks to all
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