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Nintendo Switch models needed
Hi. I was wondering why there isn't a section for the Nintendo Switch in the Models Resource. Does anyone think we should have that section? There's already a good chuck of games to rip from.
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I don't think anyone's figured out Switch stuff yet. New console, new formats, etc. I've never even seen specs on the formats. Give it some time. ^^
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Aye. The Nintendo Switch is still brand new. For now let's hope for more Wii U backports.
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^ What Rodo Furedorikku said. You can't possibly expect someone to be able to extract files from a new console. Just think about how long it took until people figured out how to extract Wii U games -- a little over two years after it was released.

So yeah. Be patient. Nothing else can be said about this, so I'll be locking the topic now.

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