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[Tutorial] Ripping from Unity Engine games.
I keep getting an error that says: Unable to load DLL: TextureConverterWrapper.dll

How do I fix this?
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[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.88)]How can I extract textures from Nun Massacre, is there some way I can extract the textures from resources.resource files?[/color]
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Thank you for the thread. If I want to export animationsi made in Unity to gif, how can I do that? Anyone can help me in this?

With Utiny Ripper, I made a libary what I opened in Unity. But I'm stuck here.

Thank you in advance.
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i have issues withsome textures from when it stop to convert it to TGA. 
Some texture are messy,  trasparency cropped or mixed with another texture, that makes my models useless.
It exports textures also in .pvr but i dont know how convert it in to a tga  or Png... Help.
Here a sample of a pvr of a messy texture.

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Actually all the android games i rip
not give trasparency to the most of the png
How i can solve this problem?

This thing make that textures useless.
Also i got auto filled spaces in textures,
instead of having a monocromatic spaces bethlween the shapes.
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I don't understand anymore.

I've followed this tutorial, I've found several files which I think might be the assets I'm looking for, but I can't OPEN any of them using Asset Studio, it crashes or straight up extracts 0 files.
when I use Hex Editor to look at them, they have the UnityFS as the first line, but I don't know what to do with this information, you never told us what to do with it.

so I decided to save a copy of the file, and remove the UnityFS, Assetstudio now extracts it, but extracts 0 file.

PLEASE HELP, what am I supposed to do with these?!?!?!?
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