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Mortal Kombat GC/Wii Era Models
Someone posted this thread already but I wanna know if anyone has the ripped models and textures from Mortal Kombat Armageddon and Deadly Alliance.

Here are the Characters 
Scorpion - Armageddon Alt and Deadly Alliance Primary.
Sub Zero - Armageddon Primary/Alt 
Liu Kang - Armageddon - Zombie/Human Alt
Raiden - Deadly Alliance Primary/Armageddon Primary
Shang Tsung - Armageddon/alt
Quan Chi -  Armageddon/alt
Shao Kahn - Armageddon
Goro and Kintaro - Armageddon 
Baraka - Armageddon
Noob Saibot - Armageddon/alt
Blaze and Taven - Armageddon
Mokap - Armageddon
Reptile - Armageddon/Deadly Allaince
Sektor and Cyrax - Armageddon/Deadly Alliance Cyrax
Kung Lao - Armageddon
Smoke - Armageddon/Alt
Shujinko - Armageddon
Onaga - Armageddon
Ermac - Armageddon/alt
Kano - Armageddon/alt
Johnny Cage - Armageddon

If there is anyway someone could put them all in a zip file t posed that would help alot. Smile

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Um, no, that's not what the Project Organization forum is for. This is just a request, which you don't have the requirements to be allowed to post.


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